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Our prescription service is designed for you. Whether you have requested your prescription or want to request your prescription from the doctor, we have you covered. Below details our two service options.

1. Collection

You have already requested your prescription from the GP. We simply collect & fill your prescription.

Be notified when it's ready for pickup or out for delivery.

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2. Request + Collection

All-in-one seamless service.

We forward your prescription request to the GP when you order. We then collect & fill your prescription.

Be notified when your prescription is ready to pickup or out for delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why order your repeat prescription online?

By ordering your prescription online you can select the service the best fits your circumstance and without dialing a phone number. Then choose collect in-store or delivery, and we keep you updated at each step by email or text.

Also, to help keep you update with your medicines you can set reorder reminders.

How long does it take to process a prescription?

We aim to process your prescription within 3 days. If the prescription has not been collected within 5 days we will notify you by email that the prescription is late and advise you to contact your GP.

Is this service suitable for urgent prescriptions?

No. If you require an urgent prescription please visit your local pharmacy.

Am I guaranteed a prescription with the Request + Collection service?

No. Your GP will review your request and decide whether your prescription request is right for you and safe to provide.

Why did I receive a lower quantity of medication to what I was expecting?

Please contact your GP as they determine the quantity of medication on your prescription. Also, check that we have not included an "owing slip" letting you know that we need to order your medication from our suppliers.

Am I eligible for local delivery?

Our free local delivery service operates within a radius of 12km from our pharmacy. Unfortunately if you are outside this range we can only offer the collect in-store service.