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Our success in the community

Over the years Strangford Pharmacy has played a significant role in the village, helping out wherever we can in order to make positive change for the local community. Below are just some of the highlights:

Saving Strangford Village Medical Surgery

In 2013 it looked like the medical centre which has served the local community for decades would soon face closure.

After a year of a hard fought battle we managed to save the surgery and it remains open to this day!!

The Down Recorder had to say:

“A CAMPAIGN to safeguard the immediate future of Strangford community clinic has received a major boost.

Two months after  treatment room services provided at the clinic were reduced, they have been restored to their previous levels by the South Eastern Trust. Weekly GP services which were moved to fortnightly provision have returned to their previous level due to current demand from patients. 

…. Over 600 people signed a petition calling for the weekly services to return and campaigners also used the power of social media to create a dedicated Facebook page which secured 15,000 hits.”

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The Swim for a defibrillator

The goal was to raise enough money to buy a defibrillator for Strangford village.  Having already raised money via social media, Strangford Pharmacy’s very own Shane O’Hare set his sights on the treacherous lough.  The premise was simple – if he could manage to swim across from Portaferry to Strangford he could raise enough money for the defibrillator, and perhaps enough for a second defibrillator for Kilclief.  In Shane’s own words:

“As a community pharmacist, I am only too aware of the needs of the village. We’re a rural area and cardiac events are not uncommon. Quick access to a defibrillator can be the difference between life and death.”

Shane believes it is vitally important to have an easily accessible defibrillator in the village, given its high percentage of elderly people.

“Heart attacks are not unusual and I believe it is important that people who suffer one have every chance to survive and access to a defibrillator will help. I am delighted with the money I have raised so far and hope others will support my fundraiser,” he continued.

“Once the defibrillator is in place people will know where to go should an emergency arise.” 

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Pharmacy of the year 2018

We won the pharmacy in focus awards!

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